Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Owen!

I couldn't possibly sum up the past year in a word, or even a few words. 
This year has been a fast one, whirlwind. 

"How time flies" is really not cliche to say at all because it is true. I feel like I was just folding newborn clothes for the umpteen time, smelling them and then putting them away, over and over. Running my hands over all the things he was gonna use. Sitting in the rocking chair, holding an imaginary baby in my arms, only to be reminded that he was still steadily growing in the cocoon that was my tummy with each of his kicks telling me it wouldn't be too long til it was for real.
 Then home from the hospital... first nursing, first car rides, first bath, first smile, cooing, rolling over, crawling, solids, walking....a blink...and then to now. 
One year later.

 Owen is everything our family needed. He's mellow and compromising, with just enough curiosity to stand his ground in a family of strong personalities. There's a determination in him that's different from his brother. He must know what everything is. He must go where everyone goes. The toy Eli has, well, he must have that too. 

He's loving and sweet. When he hugs he wraps his arms around your neck so tightly and squeezes firmly, intentionally. His smile stops strangers in their tracks, even grumpy ones. There is always a grin. He giggles at things he thinks are funny...and when nothing is funny, he makes it so! His joy for life and his brother, his curiosity and love for anything with a rubber sole makes my heart grow ten times bigger every single day. He's taught me patience and how to slow down, and continually shows me what it means to love. 

Happy 1st Birthday to my Owen. 

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